Friday, June 17, 2011


It's that time of year again when parents have to think about getting kids ready in the mornings, lunches, uniforms, bus safety, homework and a myraid of 'school related' behaviors that are formed by the landscape of our educational system in the USA.  Many children are enjoying the benefits of teachers who have committed their lives to fostering excellence in their classrooms. 

However, many of these teachers have become dis-illusioned with the streamlined curriculums, the boring pacing requirements, the lack of focus of students and the over testing mis-alignment that exist in current systems of education. 

Some parents and teachers have opted for private school education and the charter school blitz.  However, both garner mixed reviews in terms of being the answer for our children's achievement.  The red tape and bottle-necks of traditional education have left many children with learning disabililites to fend for themselves and their parents lost in the required documentation and signature frinzy.  With great disappointment American students are still not achieving at the levels expected when compared globally.

I am proposing and have dedicated my life to the study and promotion of "Kingdom Education".  While this is not a new concept among Christians, the reality that the practice of Kingdom Principles has not heretofore consistently been found in K-12 pedagogy and practice is a novel endeavor in many Christian schools.  The concept is gaining interest and the attention of families who are fed up with the Miseducation of Our Children

First and foremost trying to educate children in a system that is void of making the connection between spirituality, purpose and knowledge is like trying to ignite a fire with two wet sticks!

I'm starting this discussion to see if there are others who are interested in helping the next generation of children to find their purpose for living and being connected body, soul and spirit to that purpose; using the knowledge that they gain in school to become life-long learners who are authentic, relevant, impartational and impactful in their life endeavors!
  • Is the kingdom past or future? Or is the kingdom now?  How does our ideology of the kingdom frame what manner of edcuation we should be expousing for our children?
  • Can we overcome learning disabilities or should we "practice acceptance"? 
  • Is there a Christian responsibility for the education of the masses or the poor?  Is Kingdom Education a response to this responsibility?
  • Where do we start?  With whom do we start? What are the risks? Are the risks worth taking?
  • Realitistically; What are the options?
Any takers to the discussion? Would You Like To Know More About...KINGDOM EDUCATION? Let's talk about it!

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